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Yale University Finance

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The Division of Finance is responsible for developing and linking the strategy of the University and its major units to its long range and annual operating and capital budgets, managing accounting practices and accounting systems to ensure the accuracy of reported results, and making meaningful financial information available to decision makers.

The Division of Finance is responsible for directing the complete cycle of financial management activities of the University, including:

  • leading the strategic 10-year financial modeling and annual target-setting processes;
  • designing and managing the process for the translation of strategic targets into comprehensive, well-vetted annual operating and capital budgets;
  • defining accounting policies and procedures to guide the preparation of the University's internal and external financial statements in accordance with GAAP in an environment of strong internal controls;
  • leading the creation and overseeing the implementation of a rigorous financial management capability to ensure the delivery of annual budget results and strengthen cash flow predictability;
  • overseeing the annual external audit of Yale’s financial results and all required filings; and
  • building a set of analytical resources, meaningful reporting and methodologies to enhance decision-making support at the University.

To accomplish these objectives the Division of Finance works closely with other offices that play key roles in the University’s financial management activities, including:

The Division of Finance seeks to improve the accuracy, timeliness and transparency of financial and other information for University decision makers with an objective of setting a new standard for financial and analytical support in higher education.